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THE X is our signature program that helps you improve your strength and resilience while training your endurance to improve your physical performance and body composition. It is a 4-week program with 5 training sessions and one optional recovery session per week.  We will train all essential biomechanical movements of our body. We will bend knees, push hips back and forth, push, pull, and even jump. We want to challenge and train your cardiovascular system in different durations and load levels. 

You've been to a number of functional training classes, but wondered why your progress still doesn't match the amount of time you spend on your fitness? Targeted training at the right intensity, isolation exercises and accessory movements not only improve your body's appearance, but also help you avoid injury and control your movements with stability.

If you are already familiar with basic functional movements, THE X is just right for you. However, there will also be learning progressions each week to further expand on specific movements. 

In order to perform this program, you will need access to a Functional Training Gym. The basic equipment includes barbells, dumbbells, kettlebells and various cardio machines.

This is what you get:

  • Ebook with a 4-week program: 5 training days per week (70-80 minutes per session) + 1 additional recovery day

  • Specific warm ups for each day (included in training time)

  • Strength and conditioning work

  • Demo videos for every movement

  • A balanced, progressive program that hits the sweet spot of aerobic training and strength

  • Access to TrueCoach App to view the training on your smartphone and track results


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