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Starting October 18th we will be offering classes with our very own training approach @Mindspace Stachus in Munich (Herzogspitalstraße 24). 

In our Pop-Up Gym concept, we will train with kettlebells, resistance bands and our own body weight to develop our body in a sustainable way.

There is no monotonous training and no random sequence of exercises.

At COEX, the success of a workout does not depend on the amount of calories burned. We set a specific goal for each training session, whether it is strength, conditioning or movement training.


COEX The X is our signature class that combines both elements of functional strength and conditioning. It includes a warm-up followed by a strength and endurance section (focusing on lower or upper body). It finishes with a 10-15 minute metabolic conditioning session. Yes, it will challenge you mentally as well as physically. But everything we do follows a specific intention and not a random workout just to burn some calories. Give it a try and unleash your progress!


COEX Resilience is our strength-based group class. The aim is not only to make you stronger, but also to build a sustainable and resilient body. This is your chance to work on fundamental movement patterns such as a squat, lunge, hinge, push, pull or carry. Together we will develop your skills and positional strength not only for the gym but also for your everyday life.


COEX Capacity is designed to improve your overall endurance. Sick of random cardio workouts that produce little or no progress? We take a thoughtful approach that uses different time domains and energy productions. Some sessions focus on your ability to work in short, high-intensity intervals. Others build your endurance capacity. The overall goal: to get fitter by maximizing the efficiency of energy production. 

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