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Hi, we are Mischa, Hannah and Samy. We've been in the fitness industry for quite some time now and have tried a number of different fitness concepts - from Crossfit, to outdoor bootcamps, to commercial gyms... you name it. 

Along the way, we were able to observe athletes coming in and out of gyms trying to pursue their goals, driven by a fitness industry that favors fast results over sustainability, entertainment over exercise and sweat over skills. "The harder the workout, the better - for everyone", they say.

There is nothing wrong with hard workouts in principle. However, there is a difference between systematically integrating hard workouts and a general "go hard or go home" mentality. In fact, we found out that such a reality is the reason why so many athletes get injured, burn out, or simply don't reach their goals.

That's why we launched COEX, a concept designed around the coexistence of prevention, progression and performance. For us, fitness starts with being healthy and moving efficiently, not counting how many calories a workout burns. Preventing injury or illness gives us the opportunity to make sustainable progress. Only progress leads to performance. This is the type of mindset COEX strives for.



Learning a skill means developing a holistic understanding of movement patterns. This includes squats, picking up objects, carrying weights, pulling and pushing vertically and horizontally, etc. These types of functional movements are not only core in fitness, but also in our everyday lives.

Here, we only gradually learn complex movements, then increase the resistance by adding weights, and only later add a specific time component, which in turn systematically increases the perceived intensity of the given movement.



We handle intensity with care. We don't go all out on every session - rather, we set a specific goal for each part of your workout. We don't push anyone to their limit every single time. We are here to provide guidance and support. We are building bodies, not breaking them.



Training with resistance is a prerequisite for strength. It is the foundation of all athletics. COEX teaches this importance and focuses on a deliberate combination of strength and cardio. Strength increases the ability to move because you can master any position. Moving weights safely and efficiently is at the heart of COEX principles.



COEX symbolizes progress. And because progress sounds like work, we create an environment where progress is actually enjoyable. In order to progress, we also need to create space and time for mistakes. COEX sees mistakes as something positive - if you recognize them and use them as an opportunity to do better.

That's the foundation we create for taking a step forward every day.

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